10 months ago (E)
$DWAC Trump-Led SPAC land themselves in a bit of a pickle with the SEC, resolving matters over, you guessed it, some misleading investors 🤐 https://www.benzinga.com/m...
10 months ago (E)
$RUM 🗣️ "So, guess what folks? 🤔 Ron DeSantis, yes, the man with a whole lot to say about politics 🗳️, had some thoughts 💭 on our former President Trump deciding to skip out on those GOP debates. And let me tell ya, it seems like Ron's got a pretty straightforward message 📢: 'Nobody's entitled to anything, my friends! You gotta work for it! 💪' Yep, makes you think, doesn't it? 🤔" https://www.benzinga.com/n...
10 months ago (E)
$DWAC Trump Media SPAC Deal: Accused Insider Traders Plead Not Guilty 😊
10 months ago (E)
$DWAC Today's oh-so-interesting roster of stocks just *had* to include some delightful ones! We've got the Trump-Related Digital World, Tesla, and Sirius XM, all jostling for investor attention. Oh, the excitement! 🎉
Amine Bel
10 months ago (E)
Raytheon, Northrop Grumman Awarded Contract For Additional Hypersonic Weapon Advancements; No Financial Terms Disclosed $NOC , $RTX https://tradeui.com/news/3...

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