Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the inheritor of the original Ethereum blockchain. The cryptocurrency came into being after a contentious hard fork dating back to July 2016. 

After the hard fork, Ethereum split into ETC and Ethereum ETH/USD. The ETC project describes itself as a “response to contract censorship on sister chain Ethereum” and says it has the “ability to resist censorship against all the odds.”

One of the more well-known ETC bulls is Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert who often talks about the coin in public. 

ETC has shot up 44% so far this week and is trading nearly 15% higher over 24 hours at $21.35. The coin was also seen trending among retail investors on Stocktwits at press time.

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The Investment: Should ETC catch the eye of an investor and they decide to put $100 into the coin, here’s how much they would have if it shot back to its all-time high hit in May 2021.

InvestmentDate Of Purchase/ListingPurchase AmountPurchase PriceUnits/Shares ObtainedWorth If Coins/Shares Return To ATHPercentage Change
Ethereum Classic (ETC)July 18, 2022$100$21.354.68$825.10725.10%

Should ETC march back to its all-time high of $176.16, which it touched on May 6, 2021, the investor would have gained 725.1% on their $100, which would turn into $825.10.

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