Fernway is launching the Fernway Recycling Program, a green initiative to accompany the launch of Fernway’s new Traveler vape.

The Fernway Recycling Program is a cannabis vape hardware recycling program offered in Massachusetts. Customers who purchase a Fernway Traveler at a licensed dispensary can bring their finished Traveler back to the dispensary and deposit it in a secure Fernway Dropbox. Fernway will then coordinate the retrieval and recycling of empty Travelers through its partnership with GAIACA, a leader in providing compliant solutions for cannabis waste.

“We always put the customer first when we develop new products, so we’re thrilled to make it easy for our customers to easily recycle their Travelers and join the conversation around sustainability in the cannabis industry,” stated Fernway CEO and co-founder Kit Gallant.

“When vapes are marketed as ‘disposables’, that’s a problem. It encourages people to throw them in the trash, which creates environmental waste. The vast majority of our customers say that wastefulness is the single biggest hesitation they have about vaping, and it doesn’t have to be that way. The customer no longer has to choose between having a great cannabis experience and being environmentally conscious. So as part of our launch of the Fernway Traveler, we created the Fernway Recycling Program, and that’s why we say that Traveler is not a ‘disposable’ – it’s a ‘recyclable.'”

The Traveler is a “pocket vape” – a single-use vaporizer with an integrated battery. “We designed the Fernway Traveler to offer customers an undeniably superior product,” continued Gallant. “It has multiple unique features – like a recharging port, a smart power gauge, and a precision-crafted tank to make your oil last longer and go further. But to really ensure the best-in-class experience people expect from Fernway, we’re embracing and investing in sustainability. That’s why we created the Fernway Recycling Program, and it’s how we keep the promise we make to our customers – that the Fernway brand means quality, and that we will always go the extra mile.”

The Fernway Traveler and the Fernway Recycling Program will be rolled out to dispensaries statewide starting in July 2022.

Photo: Courtesy of Fernway

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