Doobie, a multi-state cannabis delivery service, has officially expanded its delivery services to the Massachusetts market. Additionally, Doobie launched the direct-to-consumer (DTC) delivery solution for brands in the state through Doobie Direct.

Doobie Massachusetts was founded in partnership with Ericca Kennedy, the first Economic Empowerment Applicant to receive the Delivery Operator License in the state. “We saw a lot of synergies between Doobie’s mission and our own values. We’re passionate about finding ways to give back to our local community and we are looking forward to working with other minority owned businesses,” Kennedy stated. By obtaining one of the first Delivery Operator licenses in the state of Massachusetts, Doobie is now able to serve over 3 million residents.

Doobie is kicking-off Doobie Direct operations in partnership with the nation’s leading cannabis-infused social beverage, Cann.

Doobie Direct allows premium cannabis brands in the state to offer DTC delivery. Expanding into the DTC marketplace serves as a critical milestone for Doobie’s national expansion and strategically positions the company for long term success. Doobie co-founder, Jessie Powell, stated, “We believe that on-demand delivery is the future of cannabis retail, and we want to provide customers with their favorite brands however they choose to shop.”

Cann co-founder, Luke Anderson, looks forward to delivering products in his hometown of Boston. Anderson stated “As a proud Bostonian, I’ve always dreamed of our customers being able to order Cann directly from our website and having it delivered directly to their doorsteps.”

Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

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