Easy Gold Crowns is changing the way gold crowns and bridges are produced and sold by making them in three days or less, using exclusive technology and high speed automation, while charging a fixed price regardless of the amount of gold needed for each crown or bridge. No one has ever done this and it will reduce the cost and the discomfort of every patient that needs restoration work to fix their bite and smile.

Pittsburgh, PA July 16, 2022 –(PR.com)– Easy Gold Crowns has recently invited the top 50 DSOs to participate in its revolutionary delivery method for gold crowns while offering a fixed price per unit and a 3-day turnaround for delivery. Although unheard of in the industry, thus no pricing and delivery model addresses supply chain concerns and inflation costs for the current patient needs.

In addition, by scrapping the typical pay-by-weight pricing model and offering a flat fee for each case only varied by choice of alloy, EGC takes all the responsibility for quality and efficient design on each case.

They have also pre-secured exclusive supply chain capacity for manufacturing on all crowns to ensure a 3-day turnaround on delivery from the time the digital case is received, including design, manufacturing, and quality assurance. “We felt it was important to secure this ahead of time, given the direction of supply and costs in the market place,” said GM and owner of EGC.

EGC utilizes an innovative digital workflow process to receive the case file, produce the design, complete the production with “best fit of all manufacturing processes,” according to Director Tom Mappin. He confirmed they have a 99.6% satisfaction rating and fit rate when returning the completed crown(s) to the dentist.

One Existing DSO rep who wished to remain anonymous commented, “The industry has been getting more and more stressed due to cost, quality and chair time concerns, but has refused to make the change for the benefit of the patient due to the unpredictability of material price and discomfort time. This is the first group that has addressed everything in one package that a traditional lab has never been able to figure out.”

EGC offers a choice of alloys to accommodate most crown and bridge needs including noble and high noble gold.

Any scanning dentist can become a customer and take advantage of the savings and improvements to fit and increased quality for the patient; but, to maximize the cost savings and leverage the production capacity, EGC has now agreed to open the doors to DSOs as a complete solution for any member dentists needing a quality gold crown with a predictable and reasonable price. This also means that everyone can operate with fair pricing no matter the volume of work.

The DSO rep said, “Having the ability to accurately predict case cost without worry of weight or design has changed our entire cash flow management, insurance reimbursement and recommendations to patients for best care and we have been able to pass on that economy of scale and quality to all our member dentists, and can see both a short-term and long-term increase in profits and customer satisfaction.”

About EGC:

Easy Gold Crowns is owned and operated by veterans of the dental lab industry and the US armed forces and has been producing crowns using this exclusive scan to design to mill, to dentist, workflow method for years. They have been able to achieve a 99.6% fit accuracy throughout and serve the entire United States. All cases are manufactured by a DAMAS certified facility and are guaranteed. Call 888-GOLD360 if you would like to schedule a test case, visit www.easygoldcrowns.com to create an account, or email info@easygoldcrowns.com to receive your account set up login.

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