Fobi AI Inc. FOBIF FOBI a leader in providing digital loyalty and membership solutions, launched digital loyalty and member cards for the highly regulated cannabis industry. The company also signed their first contract with Eggs Canna, cannabis retailer in British Columbia.

Fobi’s marketing functionality will now enable Egg Canna the ability to message directly to their retail customer base via the lock screen on their mobile phones. This ability will be used to highlight upcoming events, featured products / brands, educational messaging, promotions, price reductions and other relevant information.

The power and benefit of Fobi’s integration to the Barnet POS, now enables retailers like Eggs Canna to push out personalized and targeted promotions based on past purchase behavior, notify customers about inventory levels such as when their favorite strain is back in stock, and measure the overall performance of their marketing activations.

The Fobi Loyalty and AI shopper intelligence platform known as the “Hub” will now enable retailers to provide a dynamic and personalized shopper experience which will help retailers understand shoppers at a one-to-one level. The Fobi digital loyalty and membership solution will also make it easier for retailers to conform to the stringent rules and regulations that have been put in place around the marketing and promotion of cannabis products in British Columbia.

Rob Anson, CEO of Fobi, stated, “This is a big day for us as the success of the Barnet Technologies partnership has led us into the Cannabis market which is yet another highly regulated industry that is ripe for disruption and digital transformation. Our digital loyalty and member card along with AltID age verification is a perfect fit for these highly regulated industries.“

“We are always looking to work with progressive and forward-thinking brands and retailers who focus on delivering a seamless and dynamic customer experience. Eggs Canna is a perfect example of what we look for in a customer and we look forward to a successful business relationship together. As a result of Barnet’s expansive cannabis retail footprint and based on the overwhelming response to date, I believe this will be the first of many new contracts signed in the cannabis industry.”

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash



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