Healer.com is the newest Leaf411 business member.

Created by Dr. Dustin Sulak, an osteopathic physician renowned as an expert in integrative medicine, Healer.com offers online education and certification programs, as well as a variety of dependable, medical-quality cannabis products that patients and healthcare providers can trust. As a part of their member relationship, all Leaf411 nurses will add another certification to their skillset and become Healer Certified in Healer.com’s cannabis education programs.

Healer Whole Plant Hemp products were created because Dr. Sulak could not find CBD, CBDA and CBG formulations he felt he could trust or recommend to patients. All Healer hemp drops, capsules and topicals are backed by research, third-party lab tested and made from organically farmed Maine hemp specifically selected for its beneficial compounds.

To eliminate the guesswork of dosing, Healer products include Dr. Sulak’s clinically proven, step-by-step usage guides & response tracker. In addition, Healer’s patented nano-filtration extraction process purifies, concentrates and maintains a more complete range of the plant’s original compounds, including acidic and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phytonutrients, creating the Healer Spectrum.

Leaf411 memberships provide an opportunity for businesses to help remove the stigma surrounding cannabis, educate consumers and create greater access to affordable healthcare information. Leaf411’s free hotline and low-cost scheduled guidance calls allow consumers and patients to speak directly with a cannabis-trained nurse, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about integrating cannabis and hemp CBD into their health care regimen.

Through a Leaf411 membership, businesses can offer free Leaf411 nurse guidance calls to their customers while providing a resource to direct customers to evidence-based information on cannabis. Memberships can be paid annually or on a monthly basis, and are available at a wide range of financial levels to allow businesses of all sizes to participate.

Current and longtime Leaf411 business members include some of the biggest brands in the cannabis industry like Wana Brands, Mary’s Medicinals, Aspen Green, Seed & Smith and Elixinol.ELLXF

Photo by Mathematical Michael on Unsplash

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