A leading technology company is introducing an apparel collection, allowing fans of its products to show off their love for software and computers.

What Happened: Technology giant Microsoft Corporation MSFT announced the launch of its Hardwear clothing company. The collection was designed and inspired by Gavin Mathieu, founder of Supervsn.

This marks Microsoft’s continued expansion into products of its popular brands and items, mainly on the Xbox business side of things. The collection is the first capsule collection of clothing and merchandise, according to The Verge.

Products offered in the new collection include t-shirts ($60), jackets ($135), sweatpants ($80), hats ($45) and more. Included in the collection are designs that include the Windows XP background (blue sky and green hill) on a t-shirt. Another t-shirt features the original color palette of Microsoft Paint.

“The collection is reflective of the Normcore style, a lifestyle aesthetic that puts the focus on individuals and not on the clothing they wear,” Microsoft director of multicultural and social communications Amanda O’Neal said. “Every piece is intentional, and there is a meaning behind each item in Hardwear.”

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Why It’s Important: Microsoft is well known for its software and products like Xbox that have attracted loyal fans.

The company started selling ugly sweaters of items like Microsoft Paint and Windows XP in 2020.

“We are dedicated to our craft. It’s not how we dress, it’s what we do that makes us authentic,” Mathieu said.

While it won’t likely add a huge amount to its revenue line, the new clothing line could create some free advertising of its products in the form of clothing on consumers.


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