NEW YORK, July 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New to The Street T.V. announces its interview with Vegan Rob’s Token, airing on the Fox Business Network, Monday, July 18, 2022, at 10:30 PM PT. The project’s founder Harry Ehrlich, and project advisor Nick Dazed founder of the Binance Smart Chain project, “Tigerqueen” are on the show discussing the Company and its humanitarian projects.

Vegan Rob’s is a snack company with a big dream. Founded by Robert Ehrlich, the creator of the famous snack brand “Pirate’s Booty,” Vegan Rob’s has grown their vegan snacks brand into an industry leader. They are sold in notable grocery chains around the U.S. including distribution to over 12,000 “Sprouts Farmers Market” and “Whole Foods Market” locations. Now that the Vegan Rob’s Company has decided to do more in the fight against world hunger, Rob and his sons Sam and Harry will use emerging blockchain tech to create their cryptocurrency called “Vegan Rob’s Token (VRT)” on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Vegan Rob’s Token is the latest innovation from their founder Rob, who is taking his flair for disruptive industry practices into the world of cryptocurrency. Briefly, Vegan Rob’s Token Is a charitable mission, a utility token, and a customer rewards program all in one. What makes Vegan Rob’s Token special is their “tokenomics” – a commonly used term for cryptocurrency economics.

Their tokenomic structure is made to automatically grow and deploy a charity fund by collecting a small transaction fee every time Vegan Rob’s token is bought or sold on an exchange. Those fees are then stored in a trackable blockchain account, known as a wallet, which they’ve named their “Buy Snacks” wallet. Once their target amount is reached, they’ll use it to buy snacks at cost from Vegan Rob’s and donate them to reputable charitable partners like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and several other charities who are aiding in the fight against world hunger. For the first deployment, VRC has partnered with the Feeding America program, which works to provide food to the more than 36 million Americans struggling with food insecurity.

“Whether you’re a seasoned crypto investor, or this is your first cryptocurrency project, Vegan Rob’s Token will provide great value to all its holders. We take pride in the development of a great charity initiative that will impact people around the world,” says Harry Ehrlich, the token’s lead developer and oldest son of Rob.

Vegan Rob’s Token plans to launch the token on the popular cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap by the end of July. The VRC team is made up of long-time crypto investors, enthusiasts, and experienced advisors who have found success within the industry. The team’s experience has massively influenced the robust number of use cases that have – and will – be developed for the token. These plans include introducing an NFT that will act as a recurring monthly subscription to Vegan Rob’s Snacks, a metaverse lounge for token holders, and a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) which is currently operational. The DAO allows holders to influence the future of the Snack brand and the token. Additionally, holders of VRT will be able to trade the cryptocurrency freely on exchanges and use the token to buy vegan Rob’s snacks online at a hefty discount.

“Vegan Rob’s Token has an exciting roadmap with a little something for everyone,” says token co-creator Harry Ehrlich. They acknowledge that cryptocurrency trading is risky and caution potential investors to DYOR (do your own research). However, this team, with their 20 years of success as a family-operated, nationally distributed snack brand, and their extensive experience in the cryptocurrency market, are confident and hopeful that VRC will also prove to be a profitable cryptocurrency investment.

Through blockchain technology, Vegan Rob’s plans to provide organic, vegan snacks to as many hungry people as possible. They’ve set a goal of donating at least 2,000 cases – or 250,000 bags – in its first year of operation and are excited to “Feed the World” through Vegan Rob’s Token.

Vince Caruso, Founder and CEO of FMW Media and Producer at New to The Street T.V., states, “the interview with Harry Ehrlich and Nick Dazed is fantastic. They compassionately explain their efforts to stop world hunger using blockchain tokenomics. We at New to The Street T.V. anticipate maximizing viewership interest in ‘Vegan Rob’s after this airing on the Fox Business Network.”

For more information on Vegan Rob’s Token you can visit VeganRobsToken.com or join their community:

Telegram: https://t.me/veganrobstokenchat
Twitter: twitter.com/veganrobstoken
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Email the team directly: info@veganrobstoken.com

About Vegan Rob’s Token ($VRT):

Vegan Rob’s Token ($VRT) is a cryptocurrency developed by the Vegan Rob’s Snacks brand, which is a maker of chips and puffs sold nationwide. The Vegan Rob’s Token cryptocurrency project is a brand pursuit of the Vegan Rob’s Snacks company to tackle the world hunger issue. The Team lives to get healthy vegan snacks to the public. It looks to improve the world by providing access, investing energy, and infusing crypto/blockchain technologies into a solution for the monumental food crises across the globe. Vegan Rob’s ask you to come along with them on their journey towards making the world even a little bit better.

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