• Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc GOOG GOOGL is set to start trading after its 20-1 stock split Monday, which went into effect on Friday after the market close.
  • There are two listed share classes of Alphabet, each with its own ticker symbol. GOOG shares are Class C shares with no voting rights, while GOOGL shares are its Class A shares, often known as common stock, which have the customary one-share-one-vote structure.
  • GOOG closed at $2,255.34 on Friday, while GOOGL closed at 2,235.55.
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  • The 20-1 split means that if an investor owns one share of either class — they will receive 19 shares after the split while keeping the one share, bringing the total to 20.
  • Based on Friday’s closing price, Class C shares will be worth $113.43, and Class A shares will be worth $112.43 post the split.
  • Post the split, GOOG is trading 0.96% higher at $113.75, and GOOGL is trading 0.83% higher at $112.70 premarket on the last check Monday.
  • Photo by Firmbee via Pixabay


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