ZYUS Life Sciences Inc., has completed its first international shipment of ZYUS’ first-generation cannabinoid oil formulations to the Australian medical cannabis market in preparation for the sales and distribution under Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Act special access and authorized prescriber scheme.

Through ZYUS’ Australian distributor, the company’s first-generation cannabinoid oil formulations will be accessible through approximately 4,300 pharmacies across Australia as physicians are introduced to ZYUS’ medical cannabinoid formulations.

Australia is the first international market to receive ZYUS’ first-generation cannabinoid oil formulations, with the company planning to export its first-generation medical cannabinoid products to additional markets in accordance with pharmaceutical distribution and sales agreements it currently has in place with various international distributors.

Three of ZYUS’ first-generation cannabinoid oil formulations, including Zylem 1:20 Oil (high CBD), Zylem 10:10 Oil (balanced CBD/THC), and Zylem 20:1 Oil (high THC), will be accessible through pharmacies across Australia as the company begins to scale its distribution network.

In addition to initiating distribution of ZYUS’ first-generation cannabinoid oil formulations in Australia, ZYUS continues to advance its research activities and has conducted its phase one human osteoarthritis pain evaluation clinical trial in Australia. The formulation being studied, Trichomylin softgels, is a proprietary novel fixed-dose cannabinoid formulation developed by ZYUS to alleviate chronic pain and has the potential to be a safe and effective alternative to opioids – without the devasting addictive qualities. ZYUS’ second-generation drug product candidates, including Trichomylin softgels, will only be available to patients by prescription once it undergoes the required clinical trials and receives regulatory approval as a drug product.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash


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