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Strategic Insights

Identifying market trends before they become evident.

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Revealing high-impact trades empowering your decisions.

Risk Management

better-informed trading decisions and mitigating potential losses

TradeUI Options FLow
Powerful money flow

The Best Option Flow period.

Options flow gives an overview of market sentiment, as it showcases the investing moves of big players, offering a bird’s eye view of bullish or bearish trends

Tickers flow

Money Flow by Tickers

Using options flow by ticker coupled with unusual premium provides in-depth understanding of specific securities, thereby facilitating precise and targeted investment strategies based on net premium money flow.


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Your one-stop solution for comprehensive, data-driven trading.


TradeUI transformed trading for countless users

Thank you sir…love the platform…I believe it is a game changer to my trading!


Options Day Trader

The platform’s ability to track options flow by ticker has been invaluable in my swing trading strategy. It’s a game-changer

Lane Sp.

Professional Swing Trader

I was new to options trading, and the detailed insight from this tool was a game-changer


Robinhood trader
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Empowering traders with advanced tools and a vibrant community in a one-stop financial ecosystem 

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