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Take advantage of the computational precision and predictive insights of AI and Machine Learning, generating robust and reliable trading signals. The fusion of these advanced technologies empowers you to stay one step ahead in the fast-paced world of trading.


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Powerful Real time Options Flow and Options Sweeps

Empowering the Stock/Options/ETF Trader

Leverage Machine learning and real time Data-Driven signals to empower your trades and trade with more confidence.
Your Trading edge begins with our algorithmic tools working for you.

option flow real time advanced table

Powerful Platform That Will Improve Your Options and Stock Trading

Follow Smart Money

Sweeps are smart routed orders that “sweep” multiple exchanges to fill large orders quickly and stealthily.

Advanced Filtering

Customize your scanner filter with settings that match your trading style and receive hundreds of option trade ideas throughout the day.

Analyze Patterns

Dig into previous data using advanced filtering to find trends and patterns and find your edge

Money Flow trends

Top Unusual Sweeps

A breakdown by Ticker and color encoding to quickly catch Bullish/Bearish trending tickers

TradeUI top option flow sweeps
Unusual Activity

Unusual Options Flow

Real-time stream of unusual Options flow, this shows symbols that get an unusual bullish or bearish flow of money

Unusual flow scanner
No download needed, runs from your browser

Mobile/Tablet Device Ready

Developed from the ground up to help you make informed decisions on the fly with streaming Real-time data delivered to any javascript enabled device. 

TradeUI Mobile View

Study Tool

This tool gives you a visual insight to the option flow and a profit loss calculator to better manager risk reward.

TradeUI Visualize Option Flow


  • “I’ve been using TradeUI for about 6 months now. After using for a few months, I started recognizing patterns and integrated it into my trading strategy with technical analysis. I find it most useful as a tool to discover what is “hot” in the market at a particular time. I also found it useful to “predict” insider trading. Option Flow is great and I definitely recommend TradeUI to access it. To be most successful using the tool, approach trading as a science. Use the data provided by TradeUI and setup experiments to find what truly works. Good luck!”

    Steven S
  • “For active option traders this is a wonderful tool to analyze flow. The development team is always open to feedback and is actively rolling out updates and new features. The tool itself is very self-intuitive and compared to other option flow softwares on the market I would rate this hands-down as one of the best ,if not the best.”

  • “One of the biggest mistakes a trader can make is trade against the smart money. By exposing large option orders, TradeUI has aIlowed me to see in real time where the deep pockets on Wall Street are placing their bets. This information has consistently made me money, but more importantly, has kept me out of some potentially disastrous trades.”

    Travis S

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