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Our platform provides advanced research tools and real-time alerts to help you succeed and profit consistently.

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An all inclusive platform

If you’re looking for an ALL INCLUSIVE platform for stock and options trading you have come to the right place. Through this platform you will get REAL-TIME data offering up a plethora of different and dynamic features that will help give you the edge when it comes to your trading and investing!


Realtime News

real-time news and financial content delivered to you with desktop push notifications with the ability to pull previous days to look back at what triggered the moves
Display news next to other dashboards or pop-out to a new window so you don’t miss any profitable trades.

TradeUI Real-Time News
Sweep Setups

Sweep Setups

When it comes to finding a play this unique feature helps filter options with potential technical setups creating a dynamic way to trade saving you time and helping you to choose only the most ideal plays for you.

Top Sweeps
TradeUI top option flow sweeps
If you’re looking for a quick look at the days action as it comes in for option sweeps, what better way than a nice color scheme showcasing all the most important calls and puts of the day? With this feature you can filter them out to only show what you want to see and be able to quickly assess and determine plays!
Unusual Options Activity
Unusual flow scanner
Through the use of this filter, you can find the most ideal of plays filtered to help you to find what’s FRESH to keep you on your toes and pick out the most unusual of activity out of the LARGE amount of sweeps that come in.
Options Calculator
If you need help to calculate just how much you will make and how much you could potentially lose trading options, utilizing this particular tool through the TradeUI platform can really give you an edge on your risk and reward!
Dark/Light Mode
Depending on where you’re trading, how you’re trading, and WHEN you’re trading, you can be utilizing a filtering mode to make it easier on your eyes so you can focus ON trades rather than on the time of day!

Real-Time Option Flow Leaders

Top Unusual Sweeps

Unusual Options Activity are options contracts that are trading at a much higher volume relative to open interest.

Unusual Options Activity provides insight on a potential big move in the underlying asset.

Option Flow Leaders
Insider Alerts
When it comes to option sweeps, utilizing insider information of buying/selling, and position adjustments can help you to keep track of the most uunexpected moves to give you even MORE of an edge when it comes to trading.
Stock Charts
When it comes to charting, you want something that is real-time and quality for you that is unique and sets itself away from other charting systems and with it comes an algorithmic and machine learning tool to analyze your trades in an instant. What better way to trade than with something that learns WITH you.
Options Flow Leaders
Through this feature, you can utilize this to optimize your trading with REAL-TIME data showing you only the biggest plays with the largest amount of unusual options activity that might otherwise get lost in the clutter of smaller sweeps.
Options Chain Overview
With this feature, you can choose different ways to visualize the option sweeps that come in to help determine the most popular strike helping you to get a very good idea of where big money is putting their bets on!


  • tools to elevate your stock and option trading

    “I’ve been using TradeUI for about 6 months now. After using for a few months, I started recognizing patterns and integrated it into my trading strategy with technical analysis. I find it most useful as a tool to discover what is “hot” in the market at a particular time. I also found it useful to “predict” insider trading. Option Flow is great and I definitely recommend TradeUI to access it. To be most successful using the tool, approach trading as a science. Use the data provided by TradeUI and setup experiments to find what truly works. Good luck!”

    Steven S
  • tools to elevate your stock and option trading

    “For active option traders this is a wonderful tool to analyze flow. The development team is always open to feedback and is actively rolling out updates and new features. The tool itself is very self-intuitive and compared to other option flow softwares on the market I would rate this hands-down as one of the best ,if not the best.”

  • tools to elevate your stock and option trading

    “One of the biggest mistakes a trader can make is trade against the smart money. By exposing large option orders, TradeUI has aIlowed me to see in real time where the deep pockets on Wall Street are placing their bets. This information has consistently made me money, but more importantly, has kept me out of some potentially disastrous trades.”

    Travis S

Reduce the noise using our advanced filters


Filter through intraday and historical data by multiple tickers and date ranges, moneyness, days to expiration, UOA, rating and much more!

TradeUI option filters


Save custom filters to your browser/app that you can load with 1 click.
Setup your filters and the platform will alert you real time.

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