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AI Trading Alerts

AI-Powered Trading Signals

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to spot high-probability trading setups in real-time. Our new Smart Alerts feature uses backtested AI strategies to identify market opportunities with strong historical win rates.

Key Benefits:

    • Automated market scanning across all symbols

    • Customizable alert criteria

    • Daily alerts sent directly to your email at 9:30 AM

    • Multiple setup types including earnings, price levels, volume spikes, and more

How It Works:

    1. Choose your alert parameters including symbols, strategies, and targets

    1. Select additional setup criteria like upcoming earnings or technical levels

    1. Set your minimum impact threshold

    1. Receive curated alerts matching your specifications

AI Trading Alerts

Smart Alerts continuously analyzes the markets, allowing you to effortlessly stay on top of promising trade setups without constant manual screening. Whether you’re looking for stocks approaching key levels, unusual options activity, or other strategic indicators, our AI-powered system helps surface relevant opportunities.

Upgrade your trading workflow and never miss a high-probability setup again. Try Smart Alerts today to start receiving data-driven trade ideas tailored to your strategies.