Best Options Trading Platforms & Brokers

Going over a list of the best tools we have used these are the findings:
Best Brokers for Options Trading:
Best Options Trading Platform overall is tastyworks

Best Broker for Beginning Options Traders: Robinhood
Robinhood provides you with an array of tips and how to’s that guide the beginner trader and explains what different orders and actions are for.
Robinhood is also free and you don’t have to worry about commissions while learning how to trade.
The downside is that the execution and fill of the orders lags a bit so we don’t recommend this for day trading momentum.
Robinhood desktop app also is confusing as they have BULL/SELL buttons in the same font and colors and can lead to mistakes when you are buying you sell or vice versa.

Best Broker for Advanced Options Traders and Options Day Traders: Tastyworks
If you are day trading or want to execute complex option strategy you have come to the right place Tastyworks!
Tastyworks execution is lightening speed, their tool is built around options trading and they offer tons of documentation and videos on how to use the platform
The commissions are low and are displayed under their pricing/fees page.
If you are looking for a platform to trust and execute your option trading with no mistakes tastyworks is great for that.

We have been using tastyworks for over 7 years now and had no issues with the platform

These are other brokers we tried but did not make it to the top:

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